1. We Love to Worship God

Our desire is to glorify God in Spirit and in truth, unashamed of our extravagant love for  Christ.  We are a people who live in and for, the glory of God. (John 4:23, 24)

2. Prayer is powerful

We value the precious privilege we have to approach God in prayer.  At Cornerstone you will find people ready to pray for your need.  We also provide ample time for corporate prayer and fasting.    (Phi 4:6)

3. We know God has a plan for YOU!

We are committed to help people discover their value and purpose in the Kingdom of God.  God has created each of us with a unique personality and special gifting.  He has a plan for  every man, woman, boy and girl. (Psalms 139:10, Jer 29:11)  We are committed to helping every person go beyond their human limitations and reach their God-given potential.

4. We love helping people grow

We are committed to the development and growth of individuals in their relationship with God.  No matter where people are at their spiritual journey, we are committed to helping them become fully devoted and developed followers of Christ.  (Eph 4:15)

5. We strive for excellence

 God is honored when we give him 100%.  Anything less than our best is unacceptable.  We will passionately pursue perfection in everything we do. (Matt 5:48)

6. We honor stewardship

Our time, talents, and resources are gifts from God. All our assets belong to God, and we are managers of what God has given us.  Paul encourages us to "excel in the grace of giving." (II  Cor. 8:7
Giving is an opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God - an investment that reaps eternal dividends.  You cannot out-give God (Luke 6:38).
Giving opens the door of God's blessing. (Malachi 3:6-10)

7. We value love

The key to impacting someone's life is loving them when they least expect it and deserve it.  Jesus gave us this kind of example throughout the Gospel.  Jesus told us that the second greatest commandment is to love others.  We are committed to loving people the way God loved us:
without condition.  (Luke 10:27)

8. We are committed to World Missions and Evangelism in our community

Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations.  (Matt. 28:19)  Our desire is to assist those that are called of God to minister in other parts of the world.  We do this through prayer and financial support.  We will also make every effort, within our abilities, to reach out to our surrounding communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.